Gimmie Yoga

Hatha, Yin, Hot and Nidra Yoga
Classes / events in Dunfermline, Fife
Tuesday 6.30pm - Hatha
Fire Station Creative + live on Zoom
Wednesday 7pm - Yin
Zilda Holistic Therapies
Friday 9.30am - Hatha
4 Arts
Saturday 8.45am - Strong Hatha
Fire Station Creative
Classes are suitable for all levels

Workshop studio events in Dunfermline - Saturdays, 2pm - 2 hours

8th July - Yinidra

45 mins of Yummy Yin Yoga followed by a 45 min Yoga Nidra Meditation.
Then herbal teas / coffee and cake from 269 Vegan Dunfermline.

26th / 27th August- Summer Camp Out

A night away at Silverburn Park Campsite just east of Leven.
Camping and glamping yoga afternoon, evening, night and morning.

9th September - Hot Yoga 26/2

90 mins of 26/2 Hot Yoga sequence followed by a seated breath meditation.
Then herbal teas / coffee and cake from 269 Vegan Dunfermline.

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Dunfermline Yoga Classes Gimmie Yoga Mark Townsend

I am Mark Townsend and I run yoga classes to help you build physical and mental strength and also to help calm your mind.
Classes are an hour long and are generally suitable for starters, beginners and intermediates.
My style of yoga class is Chilled Out Hatha and Yin Yoga. This means that you get a chance to disconnect from all the nonsense, a bit of me time with like minded people with a bit of fun chucked in for good measure. We don't take it too seriously, but we still honour the practice. Consider a class to be an hour's calm away from the storm of every day life!
I teach in person classes in
Dunfermline @ Fire Station Creative, Zilda Holistic Therapies and 4 Arts
Kirkcaldy @ Gym64
Glenrothes @ The Fountain Spa

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