FAQ - frequently asked questions

I've never done yoga before.  What should I expect?

For one, a great friendly welcoming atmosphere!  I've never met a grumpy yogi yet.  So the others in the class will welcome you along. Yoga is very sociable.

Classes are 60 minutes long and generally consist of an opening warm up, standing poses / flow, slower floor based work and then a closing Shavasana.  Shavasana is form of relaxation at the end of a class.  We take this lying down on our back on the yoga mat.

Most yoga poses have a variety of options to make them less or more challenging and so in my classes you would simply take the lesser option until you want to take a more challenging option.  Note that everyone is on their own journey and there is no judgement as to what level you are at!

How do I book a class?

When you click on the book a class link you will be taken off my website to another site / platform called Momoyoga. Momoyoga is a class booking app and you simply register yourself ( registration confirmation is required so check your spam folder! ) then pick the class you want to take part in. You will be asked to buy a product ( class pass ) and then allocate that to the class. Momoyoga also has Apple and Android apps so best use one of those if you can. 

Pre-booking and pre-payment is required to keep your spot.  Sorry, but I don't do cash at the door.

What should I bring to class

A yoga mat is fine. There are various types and brands available and the only advice I would be tempted to give is to make sure you get a yoga mat and not a thick general activity mat.

As you get more into yoga may may choose to buy a selection of props.  Bricks, blocks, tiles, straps and bolster. And maybe an eye blind. Check out Ekotex.

Where are your classes?

I teach in person in Dunfermline, Kirkcaldy and Glenrothes at the moment.  More details are here.

I also teach my Tuesday class live on Zoom. Complete starters should come to class for some lessons before attempting a zoom class though.

I have a question.  But it's not covered here..

Get in touch with me on email here.