Just take 5

Sometimes we just need to take a breathe.  Take a moment.  Something to turn down the noise and to step back from feeling we are always on and always doing something.

  • Find a quite place
  • Turn off your phone
  • Close your eyes
  • Focus on your breathe
  • Just take 5


Seniors and yoga

You are never too late to take up yoga.  I took it up in my 50's.

We are all living longer these days and one thing you can do to help yourself stay mobile is take up a yoga practice.

  • Yoga improves balance and stability
  • Yoga improves flexibility and joint health
  • Yoga Improves respiration
  • Yoga reduces anxiety
  • Yoga reduces high blood pressure


Spring in Seasonal yoga

Spring is a great time in our Seasonal Yoga practice.

It's time for some changes..

  • Get outside and feel the sun against your face.
  • Laugh.  Hang out with people who make you laugh.
  • Ditch stuff that you are not happy with!
  • Make plans for the rest of the year.


Coming in to the room at the start of our yoga practice

I have been taking extra time at the start of a class to bring students in to the room.

How do we do this?  We spend a few minutes sitting or standing and we just focus on our breathe.  We let the choppy waters of the mind settle.

Just allowing all the noise and commotion of the day / week to dissipate into the background.  And allowing ourselves, giving ourselves permission even, to feel safe and secure for the duration of the class.

Please get in touch with your thoughts on this.  Is this important to you?  Does this make your practice better?


Gimmie Yoga with Mark

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